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We are a team of professionals united by a common passion for marketing and the desire to achieve outstanding results.

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  • 12+Industry Experience
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About Us

Our marketing agency is where creativity meets strategy, and innovation becomes the key to your success

We have three main principles that guide our work:
  1. 01
    Professionalism and expertise

    We are proud of our team’s high level of knowledge and experience. Our specialists are always up to date with the latest trends and innovations in the marketing world to provide our clients with only the best solutions.

    knowledge and experience specialists
  2. 02
    Individual approach

    We understand that every business is unique. Therefore, we develop individual marketing strategies, considering each client’s needs and goals. We believe there are no universal solutions, and each task requires special attention.

    individual marketing strategies
  3. 03
    Results and customer focus

    Our main goal is to achieve concrete results for our clients. We work hard to increase your visibility, attract more clients and increase your profits. Your success is our success.

    Results and customer focus

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Your success is our mission and we are always ready to help you achieve the best results

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Meet our team

More than 50 specialists who will lead your business to success

  • Mark Boisvert Chief Executive Officer
    Mark BoisvertChief Executive Officer
  • Gabriel Patterson Chief Operating Officer
    Gabriel PattersonChief Operating Officer
  • Amelia Bergeron Chief Marketing Officer
    Amelia BergeronChief Marketing Officer
  • Jack Bertrand Chief Product Officer
    Jack BertrandChief Product Officer
  • Arianna Gallant Chief Financial Officer
    Arianna GallantChief Financial Officer
  • Thomas Leung Head of Digital
    Thomas LeungHead of Digital
  • Benjamin Vachon Project Manager
    Benjamin VachonProject Manager
  • Sara Perreault Account Manager
    Sara PerreaultAccount Manager
  • Vitaliy Zhdanov Team Lead Designer
    Vitaliy ZhdanovTeam Lead Designer
  • Evelina Hlukhoveria Middle UI/UX Designer
    Evelina HlukhoveriaMiddle UI/UX Designer
  • Anastasiia Melnyk Junior UI/UX Designer
    Anastasiia MelnykJunior UI/UX Designer
  • Olha Buhai Junior UI/UX Designer
    Olha BuhaiJunior UI/UX Designer
  • Mykola Hrytsuliak Content Manager
    Mykola HrytsuliakContent Manager
  • Zoe Savard Team Lead SEO
    Zoe SavardTeam Lead SEO
  • Marharyta Sukhomlyn Middle SEO Specialist
    Marharyta SukhomlynMiddle SEO Specialist
  • Felix Bennett Middle SEO Specialist
    Felix BennettMiddle SEO Specialist
  • Alena Kravchenko Junior SEO Specialist
    Alena KravchenkoJunior SEO Specialist
  • Ilya Baranov Junior SEO Specialist
    Ilya BaranovJunior SEO Specialist
  • Penelope Theriault Link Builder
    Penelope TheriaultLink Builder
  • Marcus Schmidt Team Lead Developer
    Marcus SchmidtTeam Lead Developer
  • Justin Belanger Full-Stack Developer
    Justin BelangerFull-Stack Developer
  • Zack Mercier Front-End Developer
    Zack MercierFront-End Developer
  • Julie Marcotte Front-End Developer
    Julie MarcotteFront-End Developer
  • Nicholas Gratton Back-End Developer
    Nicholas GrattonBack-End Developer
  • Luca Charbonneau QA Engineer
    Luca CharbonneauQA Engineer
  • Daniel McKay Data Analyst
    Daniel McKayData Analyst
  • Suzanne Foster Team Lead PPC
    Suzanne FosterTeam Lead PPC
  • Joseph Fortin Senior PPC Specialist
    Joseph FortinSenior PPC Specialist
  • Amy Goodwill Middle PPC Specialist
    Amy GoodwillMiddle PPC Specialist
  • Olivia Gauthier Middle PPC Specialist
    Olivia GauthierMiddle PPC Specialist
  • Liam Wilkinson Junior PPC Specialist
    Liam WilkinsonJunior PPC Specialist
  • Livia Hughes Paid Social Specialist
    Livia HughesPaid Social Specialist
  • Nathaniel Gibson Team Lead SMM
    Nathaniel GibsonTeam Lead SMM
  • Samantha Gosselin Social Media Manager
    Samantha GosselinSocial Media Manager
  • Vickie Thompson Social Media Manager
    Vickie ThompsonSocial Media Manager
  • Erin Hopper Social Media Coordinator
    Erin HopperSocial Media Coordinator
  • Victor Atkinson Social Media Analyst
    Victor AtkinsonSocial Media Analyst
  • Dominic Girard Influencer Relations Specialist
    Dominic GirardInfluencer Relations Specialist
  • Cameron Dufour Email Marketing Manager
    Cameron DufourEmail Marketing Manager
  • Brielle Fisher Business Development Manager
    Brielle FisherBusiness Development Manager
  • Logan Fournier Creative Director
    Logan FournierCreative Director
  • Cindy Thibault Brand Consultant
    Cindy ThibaultBrand Consultant
  • Maria Lachance Brand Strategist
    Maria LachanceBrand Strategist
  • Piper Lam Brand Manager
    Piper LamBrand Manager
  • Carolyn Turcotte Brand Manager
    Carolyn TurcotteBrand Manager
  • Arthur Perry Graphic Designer
    Arthur PerryGraphic Designer
  • Paula Lewis Copywriter
    Paula LewisCopywriter
  • Adam Singh Copywriter
    Adam SinghCopywriter

We have a wide range of business services

Businesses we serve

One-size-fits-all methods don’t work in all situations, so our services are designed to meet your specific goals and desired outcomes. Achieve more, not settle for less.

  • Unique approach to every business
  • Tailored and out-of-the-box solutions
  • All types of digital marketing services
  • Support all the way through
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Superior Appliance Service

increase in leads

Superior Plumbing

organic traffic growth

Appliance Repair Expert

average CPL reduced

Alpha Appliance

conversion of visitors

Superior Mover

organic traffic growth

Superior HVAC

increase in leads

Superior Home Warranty

organic traffic growth

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What people are saying about us

We grow ourselves and our clients do so using our services fully

Olivia Wilson


They really did help me boost my website traffic, this PPC thing is magic. It was also great to get detailed reports and analytics from them. Thanks!

JUL 24, 2023

Patrick Gilbert


Their web design team created a stunning, mobile-responsive website for my small cafe. Now, the only thing my customers talk about is my website, which is really fantastic.

JUN 28, 2023

Helen Mitchell


I used their SMM services for the first time and it really worked. Workflow helped me reach a wider audience and increase my social media following. Totally recommend.

AUG 9, 2023

Donald Lamberth


We hired them to make a website for our laundry business, and Workflow managed it just well! They met the deadline, and the website turned out to be modern and fast.

APR 30, 2023

Charlotte Roy


Look for SEO experts who really know how to do things? These guys helped me improve my search engine rankings and attract more organic traffic to my old site.

JUL 2, 2023

Ethan Richardson


I needed to set up my Google business profile and so I turned to them. They responded to customer reviews and managed my account effectively.

MAY 17, 2023

Emily Turner


I must say that their PPC team is really good at making successful Google AdWords campaigns. They provided me with detailed reports and optimized my campaigns to improve my ROI.

JUN 15, 2023

Joseph Hansen


Their marketing team helped me establish my business as trustworthy and reliable. They were professional and creative in their approach, and the results of their work still great.

SEP 13, 2023

Sophia Anderson


Creating a logo was a hard thing to do, but that was before I contacted Workflow and they made the unique and eye-catching logo I wanted. Lovely experience.

JUL 25, 2023

Andrew Newsom


They helped me implement effective email campaigns that still show good results. I was impressed with how well they organised it and it didn’t cost me a fortune.

SEP 8, 2023

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